I went to Chicago and met a bunch of friends for a concert, and afterwards, a couple margaritas at a local bar.

I say a couple, because I ran out of money and for the last hour or so just had a ice water.

When it came time to leave and head back up to Wisconsin, I plugged my home address into my el-cheapo Garmin that I had gotten from a Continental Tire offer (Buy Four Tires Get a GPS Thingy Fo FREEEEE) that I really didn’t need, but it helped to get me back to the highway that I had taken to get down there.

Or so I thought.

Turns out that since I had avoided tolls on the way down (told you I was broke), and the setting was still saved, it routed me shockingly to the West toward highway 12 up toward Madison even though I lived near Milwaukee. Y U NO SKOKIE HIGHWAY, GPS??? Unfortunately between the margs, the ringing in my ears from the music, and my tiredness I didn’t realize my ITS mistake until I was approaching the WI/IL border and all the signs kept saying MADISON MADISON MADISON BARABOO...


I eventually made it to I-94 and headed back East to Milwaukee, and got stuck at The Longest red light at 3am on an off ramp. No other cars approached from ANY direction so after sitting at the red for a few minutes, I just fucking WENT. I think I got home around 3:30 or 4am.

The GPS went into the trash the next day.

I still have the 12v charging cord for some reason. It has a pretty blue light on it.