I bought a GPS at a yard sale two years ago. It was the same model as the one that I already used which is outdated as hell, but I got it for $5 so I couldn’t complain.

Last summer I was going to look at a parts car in VT. Waaaaaay in the woods. Dirt road after dirt road. It was a great drive and surprisingly the GPS took me within 20 yards of the mailbox. Cool. I get out, look at the car - decided that a lot of the parts I needed were already gone but still bought a couple of things off the guy.

Then it started to down pour. Whatever, not a big deal. I just hit the “home” button like I normally do and start driving.

It’s raining so hard, I can barely see the street signs so I just keep following the GPS.

I drive for about an hour and finally get to the highway and it wants me to drive North.... I live in MA, MA is south of VT... odd. I get on the highway the way it wants me to and drive for about 20 minutes... then it hit me.

I’m using this GPS I bought at a yard sale, not my trusty old unit I had in my DD.... The friggin thing was going to take me to Maine, which apparently is where this woman was from when she used this thing regularly.

Added about 2 hours to my trip that night. Wife wasn’t pleased.