Have you ever met a Saab person. Wow!

So no one mentioned this yet but Kristen please include SAAB people. Yes these creatures are indeed interesting. I think they have not yet been listed yet due to their low numbers. Remember though that intensity and volume are often inversely related. The Saab is a unique vehicle. It is oddly Sweedish in its quirky shape, weird turbo motors, front wheel drive and obvious quirks. There is a clique or street gang of a Saab owners here in Southern California and they are intense. They show up with Saab jackets, hats, shirts, socks (yes), and I am going to go out on a limb and guess Saab underwear as well.

They even attempt to convert people. One guy walked up to me and asked if I had a few moments to speak about the their car the Saab. The sound quite similar to the Mormon’s when they approach. In this one Cars and Coffee at a mall a young teenage girl parked her old Saab. They pounced, not dissimilar to when a group of lions see a lone gazelle. They quickly surround her to inquire as its status. She clutches her purse frightened by the aggression. They introduce themselves as The Saab Crew and try to get her to join. I quickly spot her predicament and lure them away. She later thanks me at the mall and comments “I am thinking of selling the Saab now”