The Bugatti Veyron. To me, it features everything wrong with supercars.

It’s FUGLY - For all the creaming in the jeans people do for this car, it looks like a depressed cabbage patch kid from the front. The rest of its “elegant curves” just look like a more evolved beetle ffs.

Limited Editions - Yeah, maybe 2 of these look ok. The rest are gaudy and tacky testaments to absolutely horrid design aimed at the idiots who want to buy these not to drive, but sit in. Blue or red on black looks neat when you’re 11 designing sonic the hedge characters for your deviantart, not on a million dollar car.

The Customers - These things attract the type of buyer who has a fleet of similar cars, all barely being even sat in. Good thing all that engineering went into it. 99.99% of these customers couldn’t even drive the car at it’s potential even in the off chance they decided to try.

It’s Not Even That Super - It’s bloated. It might as well be a fucking Hellcat, since this thing go straight fast and will struggle to do much else.

Actually, Fuck Bugatti - The EB110 looks like a shite Nissan mixed with a dirt devil. The Veyron sucks arse. The Chiron looks like somebody fucked up a jpg sizing of a Veyron and said neat put some LED’s on that and lets go get lunch. The biggest design element on it is how the side looks like a C, which is for you, Cunt in a Bugatti.

While I’m here fuck Ferrari too. All of them.