I’ve always hated the original SLK. They came out right when MB was nickel and diming everything (at least the ML served a familial SUV purpose), and they had the gall to assume that not everybody in the 2-seat roadster market wanted a sporty Z3 or Boxster. But a cruiser. Benz thought people wanted something cute.

Originally they were automatic only with that whiny 2.3 Kompressor engine always whirring away. They were all teal or yellow or fuchsia or some other 90s faddish color. The R129 was getting long in the tooth, but the SLK230 replaced the lovely SL320 with it’s classic I6.

And while the idea of a folding metal roof is good, why have it on a small, lightweightish roadster? Ugh, I’ve hated them since 1998 when I was all of 11.