I actually really hate the Lincoln Continental. It doesn’t know what it wants to be, a high end luxury car or a luxury performance car, in the end it just does both of those things badly. Handles kind of crappy compared to its class and just doesn’t feel very refined, even in top end twin turbo spec. It’s worst offense of all for me as a seat engineer was it forced the industry into a degree-of-freedom arms race that’s caused way too many things to be crammed into that seat, creating an experience from underwhelming to unpleasant depending on your tolerance level.

Oh and then let’s get to the looks department, at first glance hey it looks pretty nice. Oh wait I liked that look way more when Jaguar did it. Then I look closer and oh, I’m actually looking at an MKZ. Best way of telling the difference from a normal Lincoln Sedan to their “flagship” continental is the silly door handles.

It’s a stupid car having an identity crisis and I hate it.