The first gen modern Charger. Here Dodge decided to pimp its Intrepid replacement with a “Charger” moniker and they DARED to not have any classic Charger styling cues in its design. Seriously?

I fired off a letter to the Charger’s stylist and I made him so furious (Cool! Mission accomplished!) that Gilles looked up my phone number and left a long message defending his shit design. He left his phone number and that move set off months of phone tag.

Finally one day at work we had our conversation. “Pffftttt! What’d it take you? 15 minutes? Stubby, slab sides, a Dakota clip in the front and Intrepid tail lights in the rear. You did nothing.” And silence on the phone was deafening before he whined some more in defense.

Then the 2nd gen 4-door Charger came out with 2nd gen classic Charger styling cues. My god, I rubbed it in so hard with that letter. I was right all along—me versus Dodge’s minions.