Wow, a question article aimed directly at me! Where to start?

Ok, I’ve got one. The Ferrari F430:

(Disclaimer: I’ve softened my position on this car considerably in recent years, but for the purposes of this post I’m going with my initial release take of “fuck this car and anyone buying it”)

This is the most unfair car hate I have, because pretty much all of it stems from how this car relates to other cars Ferrari made around the time and just before, and none of it has much to do with the F430. The Enzo was the current “top trumps” champion at the time, and, coming from the F50, it was a very unpleasant thing to see in person and I just didn’t like it, or that Ferrari’s new direction would supposedly be based on it (another disclaimer, I like the Enzo now too so shhh). Meanwhile, the 360 wasn’t an amazing looking car (it had, after all, replaced the 355, which is a tough act to follow), but it at least had a certain beauty to it; a cohesive design. Then comes the F430, which looks like a 360 wearing a very trashy Enzo bodykit. My problem isn’t so much that the 430 is ugly (it is) as much as how terrible and half-hearted the design job actually was. The front intakes don’t fit the design well, the bug lights look tiny on the front wings, the middle is very clearly still a 360, and the back is just a cluttered mess. This is all fine for Lamborghini, but this shouldn’t have been what Ferrari was about. Unfortunately it only ever got worse, and Ferraris look ridiculous now. The F430 was the beginning of the end. Fuck the F430.