Pretty mundane, but also a desperate fix.

Pulling out of a parking space in my 1963 VW Dune Buggy. Steering feels weird, but it is a chopped up ‘63 Beetle... everything about it feels weird. I power through, and begin the turn that brings me out of the spot completely and then… the steering wheel comes at me. Like, literally instead of going around it pulls towards me. Oh and the steering suddenly went very light… and wasn’t working. Wut?

Turns out my healthy looking, but apparently very cheap, steering coupler had just decided to let go, completely disconnecting the wheels from the steering rack.


While I always carried a smattering of tools, I can safely say I “new steering coupler” was not among them. I did have zip ties! A lot of zip ties.

Yes. I drove home (very, very slowly) with only zip ties holding me on the road. Then I drove (an actual car) to buy a very nice, expensive, fail-safe coupler.