I have an amazing story of overcoming trials and making the best of what you have. Lots of pics.

Once upon a time, I needed a new shifter bushing. I had two MKI Rabbits (both ‘84). Both had blown out shifter bushings. I needed the diesel Rabbit to haul a trailer to a buddy that weekend, but didnt want to drive 2 hours with a sloppy shifter. From VW it cost $60. That doesn’t jive with me. So I began a search for delrin/nylon to make a piece. Apparently no one around here sells it so I’d have to order it online. $20/ft for delrin is cheap, but not cheap enuff. So whats a man to do?

The part in question^

I looked and looked and what did I happen to find in the recycle bin? A brand new shifter bushing:

*some assembly required of course. I thought about using a hockey puck, but too much give. and too easy.

Cut it into pieces (this only works with HDPE)

Apply some heat...

A little lathe action...

And voila!

After a few minutes installing it and readjusting my shifter linkage, I was off!

I drove that car with that bushing for the remainder of the time that I owned it (about a year) and put about 15-20k miles on the thing.

I have fixed a lot of things. I have used a lot of creative solutions. To this day, the maxwell house shifter bushing takes the cake.


Even after the first 5k miles, the bushing still smelled like coffee.