MKIII N/A Supra would act up sometimes because the radiator shot coolant everywhere when a genuis owner decided it’d be a good idea to rev it to get bubbles out the cooling system, not knowing it’d pour out the radiator, and onto the fan and blow everywhere.

But I digress.

I only used to get 30 minutes for lunch, I place my order over the phone and run to my car before traffic makes me its bitch (I work 5 minutes from LAX airport near Sepulveda Blvd).

I get in, crank it. Nothing. Crank again. Nothing. Bang my head on the steering wheel. Horn honks. But that didn’t help get it started.

I pop my hood, look under it like there’s gonna be a switch that says “Fix” and I can just flip it.

I then remember the genius master mechanic that sprayed coolant over everything a few days earlier, and started wiggling plugs and connectors. No dice, just crank.

I say “fuck it” and slump back defeated to the driver’s seat to roll up my windows and cry in the bathroom with only my stomach rumbling to keep me company, when I decide to crank it one last time. I noticed the RPMs don’t move.


A clue! We just found a clue!

I pop off the distributor cap and there’s gunk on the contacts. I look around and see trash and leaves and an old BIC ball point pen. I grab the pen and scrape off the gunk like Tom Hanks starting a fire in the Castaway, seal everything back up, and turn the key.


I haul ass and break a few laws to get my burger, but it was the best tasting burger ever.




Until it gave me the runs later that day =/