Great question. The most desperate fix I ever performed was reconnecting injector wires a rat chewed through on my way to the doctor’s office.

Facebook post (November 1, 2016)

“This is the story of my car’s first big roadside repair:

After driving 30km with my gas light on last night my car ran rough when I started it this morning so I filled the tank and drove a few min to see if that would resolve the issue. No deal. I pull over and pop the hood. It sounds like I’m running on 3 cylinders. Only when I removed the plastic engine cover did I discover a rat was living in my engine bay. Using a sharp stick, I convinced the rat to leave and removed his/her leaf house for good measure. #3 fuel injector wires were chewed through. After stripping the wires with my house key and twisting them together, my car ran fine and I proceeded on my way to get a flu shot.”