Zip-tied side skirt!

Firstly, don’t storm chase in a pretty bone stock smart. You will have a baaaad time. While chasing a storm at high speed I hit some minor road flooding...This ruined my smart’s (poorly engineered) side skirt. I didn’t have the money to replace it and I had to be at the airport the next day to pick up my (then) girlfriend. The broken skirt couldn’t handle high speed without peeling off and taking more body panels with it (it is partially riveted to the other panels), so I had to engineer my own quick and dirty solution:

1. Remove side skirt (remove the two rivets in the back, pull off the panel in a motion towards the rear bumper)

2. Take a dremel bit, shave the bottom side clips down past the ridges.

3. Drill a hole into each remaining clip.

4. Loop your zip ties through the side skirt and its matching frame rail hole.

5. Fully replace the panel, then tighten the zip ties. Make them tight, but not too tight.

6. Replace the rivets in the back... Admire your work then decide to make your smart into an offroader the year after.