I’m in college. I am broke. It’s the middle of an deep Ice-Storm and the latest attempt to fix an overheating 1984 Renault Alliance had failed. After 2 head gaskets blown, 3 mechanics that failed to repair it, and the last attempt to add ‘Glass Water’ was just pure desperation. There I was, 20 miles from college, with an overheated engine. When the engine is cool, it could do 4-5 miles before giving up again.

The fix? Chunks of ICE from the sidewalk. Run car for 4 miles. Get out, open hood, then grab Ice from the ground and throw it at the engine’s head. wait 30-40 min. Then do it all over again. Every 4 miles. It took near 5 hours to get back home. Fucking Renault. No one could fix it.