This whole premise is flawed.

It promotes the sort of ignorant lemming-fodder fallacy (that people actually live by!) assumption like “if it costs more, it must be better!”

The right answer is - do your homework, kid! Figure out what you specifically want that part to do, then find the best bang-for-the-buck for that specific performance aspect. Or aspects.

“What’s that?” You say... “I don’t really have a specific need... Just replacing my brake pads.”

Well - do you want to go cheap and have brake dust All over your rims every day? Ok, spend a like more. How about expensive race pads that barely stop until they heat up? Oh - you DON’T want that? Then maybe best to find the right product and buy THAT.

It’s not simpleton “more expensive is better”. Different products exist for different reasons.

But if you think “more expensive is better”, plenty of salespeople will LOVE to see you coming! Lol