Well it wasn’t me, but my friend was the victim of a convertible many years ago.

My friend had a modified Miata (supercharged, new suspension, exhaust, etc.) and decided to get a light weight carbon fiber hood complete with a hood pin set-up. He was showing me the new hood and his new high flow fuel injectors at my house and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I had some things to do so I declined.

I see him the next day driving his mom’s car and with a bruise across his forehead. It turns out that latching the hood pins is an important task. It’s even more important when you’re about as tall as the windshield in your convertible and you’re driving fast with the top down.

So my friend left my house, hopped on 495 in Massachusetts, accelerated (probably quite briskly) and the hood flew up and as it hit the windshield it also smacked him in the head.

Fortunately the only damage was a bruised ego. Oh, and the carbon fiber hood and hood attachments. Those were trashed completely.