Enlisted in the Air National Guard in 2012, got out of training in 2014. Was all excited to use the money from my bonus and a years worth of training (waited a year to go to training in the first place), and bought myself a ‘93 Miata named Jolene. She had no air conditioning, no power locks or windows, no power steering, and the paint was fading. But I loved her, she was wonderful and a blast to drive. Six months go by before an elderly lady having a seizure accidentally accelerates through a stop sign and totals it.

About a year goes by, and I realize I want another Miata. I missed having a convertible, I missed rear wheel drive, and I missed being that low to the ground. So I sell my GTI that always had small crap going wrong, and buy a ‘99 limited edition with under 60k miles. Easily one of the best cars I’ve ever owned, everything worked flawlessly, the timing belt had just been changed, she had a blue leather interior; and most importantly, I had my Jolene back. Sure, she wasn’t red like the first Miata, but she was my Jolene.

Less than a year after owning her, my dad took my mom on a Mothers Day date in my car because I parked behind him. Less than a mile from the house they were rear-ended by a drunk driver, who then smashed into a street light, and then caused a three car wreck in the intersection. My family was fortunately fine, but Jolene 2.0 was not.

Five months ago I finally got my first decent paying, full time job with my degree. Now that I had a sustainable income, I decided to do the responsible thing and immediately go into debt for a 2017 MX-5. Jolene 3.0 is beautiful. Cherry red, middle trim, the only red stick-shift on the lot that day; and though she’s not the RF, I still think it’s one of the best looking cars you can buy for under six figures. Went out two weeks ago and realized I had too much to drink, so a friend offered to take me home. When I went to go pick up Jolene the next day, someone slashed the roof, stole everything out of the car, and nearly destroyed the dash trying to rip out the infotainment center.

If the universe is trying to tell me something, I am ignoring it.