First time EVER driving a convertible, about 3 weeks ago when i picked up my Honda S2000... Well i bought it in Yonkers NY, and had to drive it back up to western Mass, no big deal right? clear weather?

Well what i failed to do, was check the weather for the ride back, i only pulled up my local forecast... So driving back, i notice some deep clouds, (my buddy is following me), i yell out to him if we should stop and put my top up, he says no, obviously.

So all the sudden... down pour... like bad... i stay on the gas to try and reduce how wet im getting, and it helps, for about 3 minutes... when all of the sudden traffic (if anyone knows the split off from 91 and 84 near Hartford CT) I am getting poured on, for a solid 5 minutes... FINALLY i say screw it, pull on to the LEFT shoulder and attempt to put my top up, and fail... for about another two minutes (i didnt know the hand brake had to be engaged). After being literally poured on for what seemed like an hour (was really like 15 minutes) traffic finally lightened up... the looks i got from fellow motorists... god ill never live them down... ESPECIALLY since this is what the car looked like.

I dont know what was worse.. the soaking my car within 2 hours of buying it... having to drive around sitting in a puddle... or the fact EVERYONE was staring at me... and i couldnt hide at all...