a late summer night cruising in my 1996 Mustang GT convertible. top down and the moon is bright. The air is warm. I’m on Jefferson Ave. as it runs along the lake just outside of Detroit. You know those mayflies that show up for a day or so in the summer?


I see a couple kinda flitting around a few street lights as i’m driving. and the further I went down the street...the heavier the clouds of flies got! So must so that when I approached an oncoming stop light....I nearly FUCKING SLID into the intersection because there were so many flies coating the street under the street light! Luckily it was late and no cars were coming....but I felt compelled to stop fully. A brother doesn’t want to run a light in ritzy Grosse Pointe! and in the instant I stopped at the light....HUNDREDS of the damn flies swarmed into my car!

I’m panicking because its GROSS AS FUCK so I put the car in park to put up the roof! But the mustang roof doesn’t exactly move quickly and in what felt like forever the top finally came up and I am covered in mayflies! I hightailed it home to un-skeve myself and in the morning I begain the vile task of cleaning out my car of the carcasses of dead mayflies.

I was finding dead flies for WEEKS in the crevasses of my interior!

Yuck as fuck!