Not necessarily the “worst,” but funny:

I had a convertible 1998 Corvette. My wife and I drove from Houston to west of the Dallas area ... we came across one of those drive through wildlife parks and thought it would be fun to go through with the top down.

The park employee said the animals are very friendly, and that might bother us. It was a light warning that I didn’t heed. So we bought a couple of bags of food and drove in the park. About 10 yards from the gate, three Ostriches run up to the car. They more than tall enough to reach over the side windows, in our laps, and anywhere else they damn well pleased. They took a full bag of food, and started poking around ... uncomfortably ... for more.

So I dive forward to get away from them, but they follow. And so do zebras, who can also reach over the window and sniff and blow on our hair. My car was now very popular, surrounded by animals, and people in reasonable cars were taking pictures of the spectacle we’d become. Since we couldn’t get out of the car (those are strict park rules) to put the top up, we had to just drive on past the giraffes and everything and exit the park.

Lesson learned: low convertibles and wildlife parks are not made for eachother.