Why does everyone think the original NSX was some analog hero?

I’ll tell you why. Because Honda was lazy AF and neglected the NSX for over a decade during which it saw no appreciable upgrades to its powertrain. Yeah, it got more displacement, but horsepower went largely unchanged. So everybody forgot that it was once a techno-showcase with variable valve timing, a V6 that made V8 power, and a lightweight aluminum chassis.

Instead everyone remembers it as as that oddball early-90's time capsule being sold through the mid-2000's. And guess what? Nobody bought it because it was hopelessly outdated and woefully underperforming. But like all fallen celebrities, everyone suddenly learned to love it after it died.

Newsflash, the new NSX is another crazy techno-showcase like it’s father that offers 918 Spyder technology for 911 Turbo money.