As far as the Slovenia/Croatia option goes, I’d skip Slovenia as a ‘stop’ and move on to either just Croatia or incorporate a crossing of the Adriatic Sea/Roadtrip towards Istria and head into Italy. Slovenia is.....nice to see if its your first time there, but as far as a roadtrip country goes, I’d opt to drive through it and be done with it.

Now, Croatia, on the other hand, well, I can go on and on and on endlessly about Croatia, which I wont. I do, however, have a couple of interessting suggestions as far as driving/visiting goes:

- National Park Plitvicka Jezera: A national park with numerous waterfalls and water so bright you can litterally count the number of fishing swimming around you just by looking at them. This is a place that is always on my ‘must visit’ list when Im there. A perfect location to unwind after some hard driving on the coastal roads.

- National Park Krk: Similar to the above, but quite a bit bigger, with plenty of locations to set up camp nearby. It is a bit closer to the coast compared to Plitvice.

- Velebit: The ‘alps’ of Croatia, the national mountain, if you will. We dont not have enormous mountainous areas like Austria/Switserland have, but, the mountainous area that we do have, is a blast to drive through, with on one side the Adriatic Sea welcoming you and on the other, the Velebit mountains greeting you.

-The various islands (We have over a 1000 of them): Not all of them can be visited, but there are plenty of boat tours to choose from.

As far as driving roads go, search for ‘Magistrala’, it is the number 1 route to the coast and it is a magnificent drive!

Check it out: