Hawaii F’nG RECON (reconstruction) permit

Lifted or lowered your car? Exhaust? Intake? Extreme body kit? Rims? Engine mods?

Come on down to the inspection station between 8am and 4:30pm. M-F only. If you lowered or lifted your car, make sure you brought your alignment paperwork (from the past 30 days). Make an appointment and your chances of getting an inspection are better. Or, just get in line at 7am and hope they get to you in time.

Exhaust? Let’s shove this yardstick in there. Oh! its straight through? Yea, we’re not going to let that pass.

Let me push on your fender to check for 2" of suspension travel.

Come back after every mod so we can check it off your permit.

But if you live on the outer islands (outside of oahu) you don’t need the permit.