In Brazil traffic offenses are separated in four categories: Leve, média, grave and gravíssima (light, medium, serious and very serious). We have truly obnoxious laws:

#1 To coast in neutral on a slope is a medium offense. The fine is R$84.13;

#2 To have your car stopped on the road without gas is also a medium offense, with a R$84.13 and the aprehension of the vehicle;

#3 Two different federal traffic laws bans decals and stickers of any kind on the car windows, because they can distract other drivers;

#4 It’s a medium offense to drive with flip-flops or any footwear that doesn’t stay firm on the foot like sandals, for example;

#5 Every fatal victim of car crashes must do a breathalizer test. How they do this? I have no idea.