I’ll probably be burned at the stake for this, but my story revolves around a scooter :/

I use to commute a few miles to my college campus. So I picked up a 1982 50cc Honda Spree for $100. Due to being under 50cc, it was considered a bicycle within city limits. No need to get it registered or plated. Aside from trying to be stolen twice, it worked great. After a few months, I finally got bored of topping out around 30 mph. So I bought a 1984 Honda Elite 150cc that looked like it had competed in a demolition derby for cheap and got it running.

Since I had access to my school’s machine shop and had a weekend with nothing going on, I began my “Frankenscoot” build. The plan was to transplant the engine and swing arm from the 150 and cram it in 50 frame. If all went as expected, it would look like a stock Spree with a 50cc badge, but have the potential to take down high performance Carollas for at least the first 150ft.

So I spent a bunch of time making new brackets, rewelding new supports onto the frame, and making adapters for the shocks so the rear suspension actually worked. Fast, forward to the end of the weekend, I had everything put together. With all the plastics back on, the only thing that looked a bit odd was the rear wheel extending out an extra few inches. Aside from that, it looked stock and was ready for a ride. I fuel her up and took her for a spin. She maxed the speedo out after hitting 55 mph! After further “testing” I switched to my GPS app on my phone. According to the metal things in space, I could get going around 64 mph. Plenty fast for me on a machine with drum brakes the size of your fist.

So now the part where this story fits in with “your most heart wrenching story.”
After a few months of enjoying “Frankenscoot” and making some more upgrades including: new paint on the plastics, remade vinly logos, new rubber, and some more touchups, I had to move out of my rental house. The land lady had sold the house and wanted us out the next week. So I scrambled and moved all of my stuff to a friends basement. I didn’t have time to move the scoot over so it sat in the back yard. After the new couple moved in, I met with them and explained the situation. They said “yeah, you can keep that here for a week or so until you have a way to move it.” I told them I was grateful and would move it when a friend got back in town with his trailer. A few days later, I arrived back at the house and told them I wanted to grab it from the backyard. They said “Ohhhh, I’m sorry. I totally forgot that you were going to grab that. I had moved it out to the street for trash pickup and I guess they already took it away.”

So aside from not giving me some time, they let it go to a dump (or be picked up by a random person and violated). I was cut deep that day and will always remember the good times I had working on Frankenscoot. :/