Get a WRX they said....

TURBO they said...

Horizontal engine they said....

What they didn’t say is the shitty room you have to work with to change the fucking spark plugs.

I looked it up and and the avg time it took to complete was about 3-4 hrs if it was your first time. Plus I’m not a person that likes to take things to the stealership if I can do it myself.

Taking out the coilpacks to get to the plugs was a brainteaser in itself. Did I mention how little room you have to work with? You gotta slightly pull and tilt and point it in some direction just to get it out. Oh and that pull,tilt, and point is completely different for all 4 coilpacks.

I finally make it to the last one and you have to use extensions and joint sockets. So I’m twisting and twisting the plug but it’s not grabbing. Whip out my extendable mirror and it turns out I stripped the threads.

Got a ride from the neighbor to pick up a reamer (rethreader)? Lubed that bad boy up with some grease and in no time I was finished. It only took me about 7hrs to complete -_-

I laughed, I cried, I bled, I contemplated life. Even thought about paying someone to do it. Till I found out the cost is $300-450.

That made me continue with my endeavor.