Wife went to a bar out in the country in the 2009 Odyssey, battery light went on. Sure enough she only got a few miles and had to stop in a random parking lot. I figured bad alternator, I can do a field repair. Next day, Sunday, loaded up all my tools and got started. Got the old one off, then spent 6 hours trying to figure out how to get it out of the space between engine and wheel well. I was a broken man. Finally drive to where I have an internet connection, turns out you have to undo the engine mounts and jack up the engine. Can’t imagine why I didn’t think of that, thanks Honda. Put the new alternator on, new belt, I idled it for 30 minutes and everything’s working, got exactly 7 miles on the interstate and the belt blew off and stranded me at a Walmart. At this point I’m done. Paid for a tow to a shop the next day, tow/repair was $850. Then I tried to return the alternator, which remember had only 7 miles on it, show wouldn’t take it back. $250 down the drain.

The worst part was that first random parking lot was actually a small car repair shop, I just never saw the sign. I could have left it there one day and saved hundreds. I will never attempt to fix anything other than a flat tire ever again.