Chester is 72 years old. He’s been dreaming of owning a Corvette for the vast majority of those years. He worked hard and played it safe. He’s got enough money to bring home a Vette and the wife says it is ok. Now he knows the one’s from the 60's were way faster, buta new Vette is part of the dream. He orders his new car (the local dealer doesn’t do test drives in.Vettes). He waits for what feels like an eternity.

When his new car arrives, he takes it off the lot, pokes the bear and soils himself. The legendary C3 his brother had was a three toed sloth compared to this thing. His eyes and reflexes aren’t what they used to be and this damned thing represents more money than he made in any year of his life. Chester is scared to drive it, scared to wreck it and scared to sell it. Until he does.

Mike is 54. He makes a good living but works too much. HIs wife just left him for some loser who makes less than half of what Mike does but pays attention to her. He needs to start over. A Corvette will help. Mike gets a flashy Z06, puts on his aviators and heads for the mall in his best leather jacket. He lurks by the car hoping to get the ladies attention. No one looks at him. He takes it to Hooters and tells the girls about it. They talk about how sexy it is and how sexy he is in it. But everybody dodges him when he asks for a number. He takes it downtown and drives around with the windows down playing AC/DC loud enough to draw attention. He gets smirks at best.

Mike tries online dating, he picks up his first date in his Vette. He revs it up a bit and she looks mortified, The date goes bad. Next time he gets an online date he shows up in his F150, no aviators, no leather, no AC/DC just regular old Mike. She’s fine, he’s fine, everything is fine. The date goes ok. Mike dates around for a while and eventually meets a nice woman who’s kids are in college who also had a really busy schedule. She hates the AC/DC, and makes him take the leather jacket to Goowill. The Vette sits because he is going to track it one day. He never does. It’s on Bay now.