Is this really a shocker? I’m 39, which puts me in the Gen X group, and all my friends in and around my age hate all this tech. My coworkers Ford beeps and complains constantly about lane departure and she hates it. My best friend gets annoyed by his Mazda beeping at him when the throws his turn signal on to change lanes on the interstate and there is a car there, he constantly yelling at the car “I know!!!!”. Another friend had to take his Jetta to the shop because a bumper sensor kept randomly throwing alerts at him. Another friend had her Acura’s autobraking system doing wonky things that scared the crap out of her. I bought my 2012 Fiat partly because it didn’t have all this added tech. I have an hour commute each way, and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve even used the cruise control. Hell, I’m happiest when i’m driving my mk3 Golf which even has manual roll up windows for God’s sake. It’s all a lot of noise that they are trying to convince us we need and 95% of us don’t, and we definitely don’t want to pay for something we didn’t want in the first place.  

The only people I hear wanting this stuff are the elderly retired community who are now afraid of driving because their vision and reaction times aren’t what they once were. Those millennials who view driving as a chore (I know that’s not all of you), because there is chatting and youtube to do, and/or they live in an overpopulated city center where traffic is bad. And the insurance companies, bureaucrats, and car manufacturers who have an agenda to move us toward cars that drive themselves period.

I’ll play the old man card too... I hate all this crap, I don’t want it, get off my lawn!!!!!!!