Bit late but here we go.

Friend of mine bought an old e21 3 series to go banger racing with (kinda like your Demo Derbies). The guy said it had come from ‘a hedge in a garden’ and he was going to restore it but had realized it was too far gone. Aaannyway we didn’t pay much attention, all we cared about was it ran and would go into gear.

It came with literally some junk in the trunk. However, on removal of said junk, we found an ominous stain, and a couple of holes in the boot carpet. Removal of the carpet revealed 3 holes, one 9mm shell casing and more of the stain, which we are now assuming is blood. In England (well anywhere really) this is a bad thing.

We disposed of (read burnt) the carpet and tossed the casing. The car went straight to the crusher. He didn’t fancy racing it...