Tiki drinks — particularly, the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai — are my downfall, and have led me to an unhealthy appreciation of grenadine and orgeat. I don’t really have names for these. Maybe they’re real drinks, maybe not.

That Orange Thing: OJ, grenadine, orgeat, lemon juice, sometimes with a splash of cranberry. A bit of simple syrup if it’s too tart or to give it a bit of body

That not-a-Collins Thing: Lemon juice, orgeat, maybe a bit of grenadine, soda water (lemon or orange infused)

Faux Tai: Lime juice, OJ, demerara or dark brown sugar, orgeat, soda.

Often I’ll just add a bit of grenadine to a San Pellegrino soda and pour over a LOT of crushed ice.