When I was still in highs school, a friend’s sister had this 1981 Camaro parked under a tree in the back yard, covered with a blanket. I peeked under the blanket one day and saw the car was in halfway decent shape, It had Trans-Am GTA rims and the interior and paint were ok. She claimed it was parked because it needed a new starter, and it was covered to keep the sun from baking it. So I made her an offer of 500 bucks.

I bought it, took it to a mechanic who installed a starter and got it home, cleaned it up and started driving it to school.

I live pretty close to the U.S./Mexico border, so partying in Mexico is like a rite of passage out here. I’d go down pretty much every weekend. Well, every time I’d come back to the states I’d get sent to secondary inspection, and put in a small room while the customs officials went over the car with a fine toothed comb. Finally one of my friends asked me why I had bought that car from that chick. He tells me “ Do you know why this car has those Trans-Am rims?, It’s because the original rims were stuffed with drugs and the Trans-Am rims were part of the payment she got for crossing the drugs from Mexico”

Turns out the car was actually stashed while the heat died down.