Winter 1989: Got my license. Found a 1980 VW rabbit for not a horrible price and my mom was paying for it. We met these two shady guys at a flea market that were selling it.

It needed a little engine work. It was sluggish...needed a new carb. So I order a 1980 VW Rabbit carb and stuff from JC Whitney catalog. (I loved those catalogs.)

I brought it to the K-mart garage. Back then they had mechanics. It was great.

So the mechanic calls me and says something is weird. The carb won’t fit. After some digging into the info, turned out the engine was from a 1976 Rabbit. The body was a 1980 Diesel someone at some point transplanted a gas engine into.

After the new carb was ordered and installed the car flew. Until I was leaving a pit party going about 65 and the engine just....STOPPED and we coasted to a stop. The timing belt broke and trashed the valves. It was toast. My mom bought me a 1982 Subaru GLF. GREAT car. Good story car there too.

A family friend took the VW and fixed it and sold it to someone. A few months later the new owner drove it to the convenience store one night and came back with milk, newspaper etc. He was reading the paper and could see lights outside his window. Weren’t lights. The car was on fire in the driveway. Just blew up right there.

Not sure what happened to it after that. I think it was cursed.