Not long ago, I started having mild allergic reactions to alcohol (sinuses inflamed), which is a problem for someone who has a significant beer cellar and fucking loves beer. So I’ve had to cut back even more than I had, which of course leads to needing something to replace beer with.

My best discovery has been shrubs. As someone who loves vinegar in general, it’s been a blast finding new combinations of flavors to work with. I’ll mix with carbonated water (via a Sodastream) or drink straight on the rocks. The only negative is cost, which I’ve found is usually higher than pop or La Croix (another go to). But it is so much better.

RE: Non-alcoholic versions of alcoholic drinks... Non-alcoholic champagne is basically a much dryer version of those sparkling grape juice things. It’s not easy to drink a lot of it straight, but it does make really solid Mimosas.