I bought a 1969 Karmann Ghia in 1987 for $500. It was a project for sure, but became an archaeological/archive research effort when I pulled off the door interior panels and found years of receipts and cancelled checks stuffed there. The windows would not roll down there were so many. So my dad and I sat down and put all of the receipts and checks in order. It was about 10 years worth of stuff beginning in 1974. The car had sat parked for 3 years before I bought it as it was out of an estate sale. All of the receipts and cancelled checks were for medical services. The second owner of the car was an older man who daily drove it. Basically, it was an accounting of a ten-year battle with some sort of cancer as the checks and receipts were written to or were from an oncologist in Raleigh, NC. The guy had been driving himself for years to the doctor and, here’s the creepy part, the last receipt was dated just a couple of days before he died. I assume that bill was paid out of the estate as there was no matching cancelled check.

Anyhow, I turned into a Cal-look douche canoe with a 2000cc or so crate motor with dual Dellortos, a bus tranny, and Empi wheels. Sold it for way less than I put into it. I did paint it black with a black interior thought because the car was creepy. Those were dark years in my car life too. I got a Cavalier Z car new off the lot next. Jesus.