One I can relate to and have spoken about here before.

I have a 2014 Ford Focus HB with the terrible Dual Clutch Auto Transmission in bright red and absolutely loathe it. In short I got it because my old daily which I was making payments on got totaled, a buddy had the Focus and wanted to get rid of it cheap and fast and I needed a reliable DD bad. After a few trips to the bank I got the car super cheap and with really low miles. Financially, amazing deal. Even did a three year loan so I could pay it off fast. Personally? I hate that I did that deal everyday. So how do I live with it?

A few ways.

1. I told myself I would rid myself of the thing when the powertrain warranty falls off (March 2019). I think about this date all the time and yearn for it daily.

2. I put extra to the loan whenever I can to help get the car paid off faster so I can get either be loan free at 3/19 or close to it and use the car as a down-payment for my next ride.

3. I drive the shit out of the car. I’m getting rid of it before 60k miles so IDGAF how hard I am on it. I enjoy it as much as I can in that aspect.

4. Sometimes I day dream about the car getting stolen or totaled.

5. I have my next car already picked out. I know I want it used. I know I want it manual. I know which trim I am willing to spring for. I know how much cash I am planning on putting down. I know what mods I want to do to it. I know roads I want to drive it on. I have a picture of it as my background on my work computer. I talk about it. I literally dream about the future car. I test drive it every now and then. I gawk at it. I know all its specs. I tell my GF about it till she tells me shut up about it. I have already put the car in my future budget. I am planning and ready for it.

SO! TLDR I get by hating my Focus by dreaming of my future used Fiat 124 Abarth that I will be driving by Saint Pats in 2019.