Oh man. I created an account just to answer this question.

My mind wanders back to high school, junior year, to be exact. I was out of town visiting relatives when my wonderful mother texts me, “I bought you a car!” Of course, I couldn’t respond with anything other than my thanks, but the back of my mind was filled with dread.

Lo and behold, I came home to see a silver 2001 Ford Taurus parked in the driveway. A safe, sensible car for a high schooler with a tendency to drive fast. Fast forward about two weeks after buying...I’m driving down the interstate, cruising along in my 2001 middle management sled when the steering wheel becomes possessed, vibrating like I’d just put 25 cents into a hidden slot somewhere for some added excitement. Being a dumb kid, I slow down, and the vibration stops.

The next day, I’m heading to work after school (I walked to school, lived nearly across the street) when I notice suddenly that, damn, it’s getting really, really hard to steer the car. What I know now, is that my power steering pump had completely gone, but, having only driven older cars, I didn’t think too much of it. I continued driving it through my freshman year of college, when I upgraded (?) to a 2003 Passat Wagon, a story all its own. My forearms looked like Rafael Nadal’s after three years of wrenching that iron beast around hairpin corners.

Long story short...I hated that fucking car, but the #gainz made it worth it.