1. Find where it shines. Maybe it’s good on a track (it’s worth a shot!), maybe it’s happy cruising on the highway, maybe it likes twisty city streets, maybe it’s fun on gravel, maybe it’s just cheap to drive.

2. Clean it out. I tend to let cars I dislike gather trash. Cleaning it inside and out might remind you of why you liked it in the first place.

3. Fix it up. Surely there’s something not working right, or some nose that annoys you, or some little mod that will make it more fun. A week night with the tools solving problems on a car always bonds you to it, at least a little bit.

4. Drive it hard. Go ahead, see what it can do. You might be impressed, or you might get a chuckle out of how slow it is. Load it up with people or things. Take it where you shouldn’t go.

5. Final option: Plan how you can replace it. There’s millions of used cars out there, surely there’s something you’d like better that you can afford. Research, plan, save money, go car shopping. Here is the key point though: TAKE YOUR TIME. You have a running car, you’re not desparate. I can say from experience that it is far better to take 6 months searching for exactly what you want rather than buying the first interesting option.