It is a story from my buddy.

Leave door unlocked when parked. Sometimes even leave key in the car and hope someone will steal it. Nope never got stolen.

Purposely park in dangerous spots and hope someone will crash into him. Nope

Driving to work everyday praying some idiots will crash into the car and write it off. Finally got T-boned and totalled after 7 years of ownership.

He walked out with minimal injuries. It was the happiest day of his life.

It was a 2009 Nissan Versa CVT. He never intented to buy it. He hated the car. It was an impulsive buy by his parent and he was forced to contribute majority the payment of the POS. He is making decent income. He ia a car guy and wanted a WRX or used 911. But no since hsbia forced to pay for the Versa and his parent’s debt (bad financial decisions) that has nothing to do with him. Can you imagine a car guy that is forced to commute at least 100-150km round trip everyday in a Versa CVT for 7 years? It was also his sole car for 7 years.......