That pizza tin appears to be about 12" in diameter, giving a surface area of about 452 square inches. An M1 Abrams tank exterts a ground pressure of 15 psi. The Chieftain is lighter than the Abrams, but has a narrower track, so let’s just say it’s in the ballpark of 15psi. So the tank put about 6,780 pounds of downward force on the pizza tin. Not bad.

However, the average passenger car exerts about 30 psi of ground pressure. This would yield a downward force of 13,560 lbs. So they just need to find a car or truck with a tire close to 12" wide. I would think an 18-wheeler tractor would do the trick.

But I suspect that I know what the reader is thinking. “Mr Devil, what about an elephant? Not the tank but the animal. It has feet almost the right shape and size to smash pizza tins”. And this is actually a good idea, for an elephant exerts a ground pressure of 35psi, giving a total downward force of 15,820lbs.

So in conclusion, they should have used an elephant.