2013. A 2006 MX-5 Grand Touring.

A few months earlier, I’d bought a new Honda Fit with the idea of saving $ for a house with my then GF.

After 4 months of that slow car, that even with my foot to the floor driving style, still got 34mpg, I traded it in on the ‘06 MX-5 GT.

My girlfriend lost her shit because buying a 2 seater meant my priorities were “all fucked up” because she had kids. Meanwhile when I had the Fit, we never took my car if her kids were coming along.

It ruined the relationship, and after that I got rid of the car because it borought nothing but bad thoughts/memories.

Looking back, buying that MX-5 was the best thing I ever did - I dodged a huge fucking bullet, and ended up much happier in the end, meeting my wife 6 months after the MX-5 saved me from unhappiness :)