Hey Ladies! I’m still in the grey for some sad reason but hopefully someone will still see my post and lament my tale of woe.

Short story: I am in whatever comes before being in love. I like like this girl. A lot.

Long Story: Met a girl on Tinder, went on three dates. After the first date I was a bit that was nice and thought no more of it but had butterflies in my stomach when she suggested brunch a few days later. Second date was nice and she tried to touch/hold my hand as we sat on the dock (you may take a barf break).

 After this second date, I was pretty seriously in like with her. Like hoping we could keep going out. Like almost sent her a text with feelings in like. We went on our third date, hung out for over 14 hours (afternoon coffee, walk, dinner, movie, bar), kissed and held hands at the bar (not drunkenly!) and went home together.

Then we met up the week after, and while it was nice, we had A Talk. She wanted to know what I expected from this because she had just had a bad break-up where her girlfriend cheated and she thought this was the One, so the disappointment was big when it ended. She also mentioned something about I’m not sure about another artist (her ex was a performer (lack detail from her) and I work as a costume assistant) I think I managed to say something along the lines of I am the crux of we can be friends or we could see how it goes (I am not good at talking about my needs and wants and could sense her awkwardness). This was in March and now we are in May and, y’all, I am (still?) smitten. I thought these feelings would dissipate but they are sticking around, hard.

I’m bad at reading flirty behavior but we have really intimate conversations, spend hours with each other when we hang out, have gone from “talking about my ex is painful and awkward” to “here is the whole story start to finish and this is how I’m dealing with it.” She makes really intense eye contact and voices her disappointment when I look away. She touches my hair a lot. She teases me about my chapstick use and says I just need to kiss more.  

I would like to talk about these feelings with her since she is very open and has asked what feel like leading questions about “would you tell your best friend you liked her/tell her partner you like her” but I also really value this friendship. We really clicked. Everything that makes it so good to be friends are the same reasons it would be nice to date as well (#readingtoomuchintoit she has said several times that one should date ones best friends).

I really value this friendship and don’t want to make it weird because I caught a feeling. What do?