There is a man that works with my older kids- a pompous, know it all with a big mouth and absolutely no sense whatsoever. He has learned to steer clear of my daughter because she has reminded him, in no uncertain terms that he is not a supervisor, does not hold any kind of power over her and hey, does NOT know how to do any of the jobs that she does there so he needs to stay in his lane. He likes to needle my son to try and get a rise out of him but that was pretty much died off because it is no fun if no one will rise to the bait. BUT...

I bump into this guy at the store. Last summer I hired him to do some minor work at my house, he was paid, the end. I have no interest in speaking to him about anything because again, he is a pompous blow hard and a big ol’ trumpenfluffer to boot. He straight up invades my space and then decides he is going to INTERROGATE me in the store. Not a few “hey, how are you doin’” kind of questions but seriously asinine things like:

“Why do you think you have to spend so much time in your garage; what are you trying to prove?” “If you’re not trying to train for a competition you are going about things all wrong” And my personal favorite: “It’s probably time to start working on cardio to lean out unless you are trying to switch teams.”

My response? Back off buddy and don’t worry about shit that ain’t got nothing to do with you.