Guys my date went very well and hopefully we will have a 2nd, a lot of people out at the bar could tell it was our first date and they commented to us about how well it was going.

Other than that, my boss decided she wanted to stir the pot between my male friend, V, and myself. The same male friend that she is constantly sexually harassing. She told me that he was saying a few things that sounded like he was jealous that I had a date, i.e: how can she date that guy? I know my friend and know that it wasn’t anything like that. When I bought it up to him, he agreed that he was making fun of me and the fact that I am not the type of person to go on dates. She has also been sexually harassing an actor on a show we are putting on at our job, making said actor very uncomfortable, and annoying V because he is now afraid the actor wont ever want to work with us again. Actor and V told her she is making them uncomfortable.

She constantly posts FB statuses about how she feels like she is still in high school but not one of the popular kids. A bunch of us, actors and crew, went out for drinks after rehearsal one day and we left before she could find out and posted that status but doesnt realize that people don’t want to hang out with someone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Or talks shit about them to someone who is friends with that person, cause she does that a lot. Or tries to start a rumor about a person; she has done that twice now. And V has told her to stop doing all of this shit, multiple times now, and she still continues. We’ve tried to have a separate work/personal life, V told her he doesn’t want to hang out with her outside of work, and I don’t respond to her texts or emails unless its work related.

Why are people like this?