I have posted on here about this before, but it’s an issue that continuously rears its head. It’s about my teeth. I know that seems like a trivial thing for people who haven’t been through dental hell, but for me, it’s the singular thing about my life that I would change if I could. For two years I’ve been undergoing extensive work to correct previous work that fucked up all six of my front teeth, and now all six of my upper front teeth are fake. I have three crowns and three implants. In the process of getting this work done, I’ve worn a temporary bridge, which the dentist removes whenever I visit. I have made the mistake of looking at myself without it, and it’s kind of traumatic. It’s kind of how I see myself in my “natural” state and while I try not to inflate the importance of a “natural body” it’s hard to think that part of my face isn’t really mine. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I spend a lot of time feeling way too shitty. I am hoping once the work is done and the permanent crowns are in place, it’ll get easier, but right now I am going through hell and have been for a while.