Post-op healing’s going well, in that I’m itchy and cranky and BORED (soooooo bored) but hardly taking pain meds at all now. I have my first followup on Tuesday and I’m praying that I’ll be allowed out of bed for more than the ten minutes that it takes to go to the bathroom. Plus, stitches are coming out, so gauze and tape will FINALLY get to come off!

Mom’s actually been very good this week. She loves Australian Masterchef - she’s already declared Heston ‘evil’, Gary ‘a darling’, and Mish her favorite for this season. (Not surprising, she was mine the moment I saw her awesome self-taught Golden Ball.) And the puppers hasn’t moved far from the chaise since I got home, although he’s been wonderful at staying out from underfoot when I do have to get up.

In other news... I may have met someone. It’s very, VERY early, but boredom led me to create a personal profile on a dating site after a conversation with Mom. A number of eyeroll-worthy responses later, I got a lovely letter, nice and long and chatty, from someone that I have quite a bit in common with. We’re emailing back and forth, getting to know each other, but right now it’s going well. I’d forgotten about that lil stomach flutter that you can get when you see you have a message, so if nothing else, it’s nice to remember how crushes can feel.