:winge alert:

I’m desperately looking for work and despite getting interviews, even getting to finalist interviews, it’s not going anywhere yet. I’m trying to stay hopeful, but it’s so hard knowing my do-nothing, know-nothing boss who is out all the goddamn time for personal reasons could comfortably retire tomorrow—he and his family don’t need the money—just glides along making $40k more a year because he talks big while I’m slowly dying inside doing the actual work with no help or real support or respect.

I can’t get out of here soon enough so please please please let one of these leads finally pay off soon and not land me in a worse situation! I’m tired of sinking my few precious vacation days into thoughtlessly scheduled interview situations. (Let’s schedule you for two 3+ hr interviews that require 2+ hrs of travel time each way and financial outlay for you to get out here.) 

At this point, I’m now asking HR people what the full hiring process looks like and what they expect up front when I get a call. I know I should be grateful for 1) having vacation days at all to burn for this because so many people don’t! and 2) getting calls at all, but because work thinks I’m off and not working (because prepping for these interviews and sample presentations is real work!), I’m fresh as a daisy the next day.