**Catalina update**

My baby is still growing and fighting! She’s 5 weeks today and weighing 1kg (2 lbs 3 oz) so we’ve finally hit a big milestone! She had some intestinal issues last week but she’s getting milk again and hopefully bulking up. We’re back again to dealing mostly with respiratory issues and this week has been a big rollercoaster - on Wednesday the doctor told us she was not getting better and removing her from the ventilator was out of the question, but then on Thursday her stats picked up and she started getting physical therapy to help her exercise her breathing. Then today she was briefly removed from the ventilator and onto NCPAP, which is much gentler on her lungs. She lasted about 7 hours on it before being intubated again but it’s likely that they’ll try again in a couple days.

As for me, I have spent the last 3 days sleeping - I’m just so tired and I need a couple days to recharge and shake off the overwhelming feelings. I’m still so scared for my baby and my only mission is to produce milk for her and I can’t do that. I will pump all day and only get like half an ounce total. I am taking all the medicines and supplements there are and it’s not working. Still I keep doing it, because I know she’ll be just fine on formula but if I can give her just a tiny bit of antibodies and stuff through my milk, she’ll do better.

Again thank you so much to everybody here for thinking of my baby. It means the world to us.