My 31 year old fiancé, who we thought had a stomach bug and bronchitis for two and a half weeks, was hospitalized for congestive heart failure last night. We have no idea how or why his heart isn’t working right now, and the cardiologist isn’t going to be able to see him until tomorrow. All we know is that his heart is enlarged and not pumping correctly. Earlier today, he was sleeping and hooked up to a faulty monitor, and I watched his pulse skyrocket to 210 and then plummet to the low 30s. All the alarms and lights went off. I thought he was having a fucking heart attack in front of me and I lost my shit. I’m 11 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I am terrified and exhausted and can’t stop crying. I haven’t been able to keep any food down and I lost four pounds in the last two days.

Someone please promise me they can make him better. He’s my person.