JEZZIES FIX MY LIFE: I came in second place for a dream job this week. I’ve been freelancing in the big city for several years and it’s been great for my career and network. But without health insurance, a steady paycheck or my family nearby, it’s been personally very rough. This job would have provided all of those things — allowing me to move back home close to family, restore my personal life and continue to do the work I love and grow in exciting ways. Then came the news — we loved you, but we went with the other person.

I’m still reeling and trying to figure out what’s next — something’s gotta change. I’m really struggling financially, and dealing with anxiety and other health issues. And I’m just sick and tired of the daily grind. Not enough sleep, not enough structure. Since I’m a freelancer, there’s nothing in particular keeping me where I am, except for my wonderful, supportive bf. But he’s in a somewhat flexible position right now too, and we had talked about him eventually moving with me. I’m super close to my family, and they’ve welcomed me to move home temporarily, just to get things under control, have some restorative time, and do some work in the local area that I’m actually kind of excited about. With the fam’s support and without huge rent pressure, I could do this work, save a little money and get some balance back.

BUT I’m afraid of a worst-case scenario: this morphs from 6 months into 2 or 3 years, I’m still living with my folks, they are driving me nuts, my self-esteem plummets and my relationship dissolves. It’s not that I think this WILL happen, everyone is great and well-intentioned, but I worry. I want to go with a plan to use this as a stepping stone, as a way to churn out some good work, get my life in order and move forward. Has anyone navigated the move-back-home thing and come out the other side better off? What are your thoughts/tips?